I really do not like receiving emails with so-called jokes, chain letters, interesting pictures or anything like that. Life’s too short and they are always rubbish – except…….. the next time you are losing the will to live as a well-meaning support-person in India repeats your last question back to you yet again, remember that the scene outside their office may be something like this:

Telecommunications - Indian style

Telecommunications - Indian style. Indian spaghetti?

Microsoft will soon end support for some versions of Windows. When support ends, security updates will no longer be provided. This means that computers running these unsupported versions will become more vulnerable to malicious attack.

The versions and cut-off dates are:

Windows Vista without any Service Packs – 13th April 2010
Windows XP Service Pack 2 – 13th July 2010

For further information, see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/help/end-support-windows-xp-sp2-windows-vista-without-service-packs?os=other

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